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Zhang Lu

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An accordion teacher at Yongtai Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing, an accordion teacher at Beijing Children's Palace, and a master's degree in accordion at Tianjin Conservatory of Music.

He has successfully held many solo accordion concerts in Urumqi, Tianjin and other places, participated in many evenings and concerts, and devoted himself to the promotion and popularization of accordion art.

In many years of performance and first-line teaching practice of accordion, a large number of ensemble, multi-voice ensemble and accompaniment works suitable for accordion performance have been adapted;

Published many academic papers in many core journals, and won the first and second prizes in the national excellent education and teaching paper selection contest several times;

Undertake a scientific research project of Beijing music subject;

Compiled and published the school-based course textbook for accordion at Yongtai Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing-"Yue Sense Accordion" (Volumes 1 and 2), and recorded a demonstration CD.

Main teaching results

In December 2013, successfully planned and guided more than 100 students in Tianjin to participate in "I am a Little Musician-Accordion Dance Concert", Art Sea Wandering-Accordion Art Lecture, etc.;

In September 2014, led the Accordion Orchestra of Yongtai Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing to hold a special accordion orchestra concert in the Military Orchestra Hall of the People's Liberation Army in Beijing;

In December 2014, led the Accordion Orchestra of Yongtai Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing to hold a special instrumental concert for Beijing students in the Beijing Zhongshan Concert Hall;

In May 2015, led the Beijing Haidian District Yongtai Primary School Accordion Orchestra to participate in the "2014-2015 Haidian District Primary and Secondary School Students Art Festival Instrumental Music Ensemble Performance", won the first prize of Primary School Western Music Group B and was named an excellent tutor ;

In May 2015, led the Accordion Orchestra of Yongtai Elementary School in Haidian District, Beijing to participate in the "Art and Rhyme—Art Education Achievement Exhibition of Member Units of the Beijing Society for Learning Science" and was awarded the title of "Excellent Instructor";


In March 2015, instructed a number of students to participate in the art competition of primary and secondary schools in Haidian District, Beijing, and won the first, second and third prizes respectively;

In April 2015, undertook a research course at the Beijing Music School District level. In the Experimental Primary School of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, combined with live accordion performance, taught the course "Appreciation-Jazz" for the sixth graders of elementary school;

In 2015, at the "2015 China Youth Accordion Art Year Launching Ceremony and 2015 China Youth Accordion Education Development and Innovation Seminar", Yongtai Primary School in Haidian District, Beijing served as a branch venue to share and discuss accordion with experts and teachers from all over the country School-based curriculum and issues related to the development of accordion orchestras.

In 2015, invited by the Accordion Society and Organizing Committee of the Chinese Musicians Association, participated in the 2015 National Youth Accordion Teacher Teaching and Schooling Seminar in Shijiazhuang, Hebei in July of "Sharing Teaching Experience and Creating a School Dream"; In August, he participated in the 4th "Parrot Cup" National Accordion Competition of the 2015 China (Tianjin) Accordion Art Festival in Tianjin, and participated in the 2015 Asia-Pacific International Accordion Art Festival in South Korea. He served as a judge, instructed many students to participate and won gold and silver awards. Award for good results

In 2016, invited by the Accordion Society and Organizing Committee of the Chinese Musicians' Association, I participated in the 2016 Grassland Accordion Art Seminar in Hohhot in July, participated in the 2016 Harbin Summer International Accordion Art Festival in Harbin, and in August Russia participated in the 2016 International Accordion Orchestra Art Festival and the 2016 Xinjiang Kashgar Accordion Art Festival, and served as a judge, guiding many students to compete with the orchestra and winning the first prize.

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