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Famous parrot accordion production base at home and abroad

The well-known domestic and foreign parrot accordion production base

Tianjin Huayun musical instrument (Group) Co. Ltd. it is a well-known parrot accordion production base at home and abroad. It has a rich historical and cultural heritage in the production of various instruments such as the accordion.

The company is located in Xuhua Road and Zhongwang Town Industrial Park, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Jinghai County, Tianjin.


Tianjin Hua yun musical instrument (Group) Co. Ltd. formerly known as Tianjin musical instrument factory, approved in 2004 by the Tianjin City government , Second Light Industry Bureau, Tianjin Hua yun musical instrument (Group) Co. Ltd. implemented asset reorganization after the official registration, was renamed as Tianjin parrot musical instruments Co. ltd.Our company mainly produces famous brand "parrot brand" Accordion, vigorously develops the "music" brand pedal organ, zither, jazz drum, snare drum, brass and other domestic products of ethnic musical instruments musical instrument.

The original Tianjin musical instrument factory started in 1950, and the birth of China first accordion namely "parrot" accordion, accordion "parrot" brand with the new China growth is developing through the brilliant course of 60 years, now "parrot" accordion has been on display in the Museum of the Tianjin City."Parrot" brand accordion quality is recognized as the first class in Asia, and top three in the world, has repeatedly won the "brand-name products in Tianjin city" title, the national science and technology progress "dragon" award, the national gold medal award etc.


Awarded "Top 50 Musical Instruments Industry" by China Musical Instrument Association

Win the recognition and trust of partners

We won the "gold medal" in Tianjin International Piano Festival event of the second term in August 2015; In August 2016, the Chinese Musicians Association accordion Association awarded the "parrot" brand accordion as “gold medal” in the national accordion performance of Beijing".
In September 2006, our company and GUIHUAXIANG twist, Goubuli steamed bun were honored China Time-honored Brand in the first term by the State Ministry of Commerce,as the only award of "old Chinese" musical instrument enterprise, and evaluated as a "national integrity of law-abiding township enterprises", "the Tianjin time-honored enterprises" by the Ministry of agriculture in the same year.
Our brand was named "A Well-Known Trademark by Chinese State Administration of Industry and commerce in 2011. Our company is the council member of teaching instrument equipment association, Chinese instrument association, and our company technology center was indentified Chinese accordion technology and skill union by Chinese occupation skill appraisal.

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